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At MEDDIAMOND Health Centre, health is our most important value and we have been committed to it since 2003!
Our aim is to maintain the health of our visitors and to eliminate the symptoms and causes of existing complaints, using innovative tools, in a comfortable environment, by assessing and treating the whole body and mind.

BOSO ABI vérnyomásmérés
A MEDDIAMOND várója a recepciós pulttal

Welcome to our centre!

The MEDDIAMOND Health Centre in Buda offers well-equipped surgeries and therapy rooms. Comfortable, child-friendly facilities and friendly staff serve the health of our patients.

For your convenience, our services are available by appointment only. You can book an appointment by phone, with our receptionist or by using our website.

Mee our team

MEDDIAMOND’s team of skilled, experienced professionals serve the health needs of visitors to our centre. Our treatments are always personalised and tailored to individual needs.


Head of our Centre. He has been in the service of health since 1992, with over a decade of experience with the MORA® method, many outstanding achievements and an unwavering commitment to his profession.


He is a senior assistant at our centre. She has many years of experience and a deep knowledge of MORA® treatments.

Tímea Nagy

She is one of the leading experts in CAPENERGY® Artificial Therapy and the Operations Manager of our centre. Our visitors come to him with confidence for both aesthetic and musculoskeletal complaints.

Innovative equipments

Modern technology, constantly evolving, is putting health at the service of human health, making the processes of health maintenance and recovery more efficient. The mechanism of action of our devices works by acting on the body’s internal, self-healing processes to produce the desired results.

Mora® Nova készülék

MORA® Nova

With the development of the MORA® system, they have created a way of assessing and treating health conditions that is gentle, long-lasting and painless.

Capenergy® tecar

Capenergy® machines are at the forefront of advances in bowling therapy technology. Experience this branch of physiotherapy at our centre!


With the ankle-brachial index (ABI), peripheral arterial occlusion is most likely to be detected early. The boso ABI-100 system evaluates these crucial data quickly, accurately and reliably.

Our mission is an honest and professional approach to health

terapeuta a MORA® képernyője előtt

Experienced diagnosticians

Our therapists and medical advisors have a wealth of experience at your disposal.


Expert and friendly team

Our centre has a friendly yet professional team.


Open all-day

Our all-day opening makes it easy to fit your visit into your schedule.


Flexible appointments

Contact us by phone or online for the most convenient time for you!


Innovative equipments

We work with modern medical devices that are constantly being improved.


Comfortable threatments

Our pain and side-effect* free treatments are carried out in a comfortable environment.

Rólunk mondták

„Számomra mindig fontos a saját és családom egészségének megőrzése is, így az egészséges életvitelem elengedhetetlen része az is, hogy rendszeresen eljöjjek ide.”

női portré vélemény

Hertelendy Claudia


Health is our most important value


+36 30 490 71 57


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