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Letter to the reader

Dear Patients and Future Visitors!

The experience of the past thirteen years has led us to write this article. We are in a position to see the steps of the healing process before our eyes, to sense exactly how people relate to the disease and to the healing process. We do everything we can to ensure that the conditions for recovery are as complete as possible, but there are factors that are part of our patients’ personal lives that are beyond our control.

MORA Nova gépek a MedDiamond rendelőben

Of course, we respect the patient’s attitude to their own health/illness, but these factors contribute greatly to recovery, and failure to do so can delay or complicate recovery and increase the risk of relapse.

At our MedDiamond Medical-Nurse Center, MORA® condition assessment can be used to screen for factors that may be stressing the body, even before they cause functional or morphological (i.e. organ-level) changes. It can therefore be used for suspected diseases or diseases of unknown origin, as well as for preventive purposes.

The MORA® assessment is performed at a very limited number of points. It is based on the fact that if you bring the body into contact with a substance that is stressing it (allergen, medicine, etc.), the healthy point becomes abnormal. If, on the other hand, a substance that has a beneficial effect on the body (vitamin, mineral, medicine, homeopathic, Schüssler salt, Bach flower, organ preparation) is applied to an abnormal acupuncture point, the point can be made temporarily healthy.

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Good to know before the threatments

Condition assessment and treatment is sensitive to the subtle vibrations of the human body, so, like other diagnostic or assessment methods, the following few aspects are essential for a successful operation:


Adequate hydration

A minimum daily intake of 40ml water per kg body weight is recommended on the days before the assessment/treatment.


Informations about other threatments

Any treatment or therapy may affect the results of the assessment and the outcome of the treatment, so please inform your therapist.


Exclusionary causes, factors

In the case of pacemaker, pregnancy, epilepsy, neither assessment nor treatment can be performed!

Rólunk mondták

„Nagyon allergiás voltam. Amikor már a könnyektől sem láttam, egy kedves barátom ajánlotta a MORA®-módszert és a központot. A kezeléssorozat végére újra szabadon túrázhattam a barátaimmal!”

Petri Veronika női arc erdő előtt

Petri Veronika