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Our health services

Our center awaits its visitors with a wide range of health services, modern equipment, a skilled team and a comfortable environment.

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Primary services

MORA®-terápiás kezelés

MORA® health assesment and treatment

By developing the MORA®-system as an alternative treatment method, they have created a way of health assessment and treatment that is gentle, long-lasting and painless.

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Capenergy® tecartherapy, physiotherapies

A system that allows a wide range of physiotherapy treatments by applying high-frequency electric currents to the body.

Pszichológiai terápia jegyzetelés

Psychological sessions

Our experienced psychologist and psychiatrist partners provide mental health services to our visitors.

Additional services

Managers' screening

One of the main concerns for employers is the health of their employees to ensure the safety of the company’s operations. And the presence of a leader or manager is key. We offer a solution to reduce working hours due to illness.


Wellbeing at work is not just a buzzword in HR and economic terms! Our services can be integrated into companies’ well-being programmes to help employees become more loyal, engaged, creative, productive and happy in a well-being-conscious environment.


We also welcome enquiries from practitians! As part of our MORA® Academy, we offer training in the application of the method. In addition to our services, our group also offers sales and training courses for the equipment used in our centre.

Essential oils

It is important to us to serve our health naturally, using natural substances! To complement our treatments, we know that certain oils have beneficial effects to achieve the desired results.

Take a step for your health

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Health is our most important value

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