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Learn about Capenergy® Tecartherapy

Bowling therapy is used successfully by top sports clubs and rehabilitation clinics. At MEDDIAMOND Health Centre you can experience its benefits for yourself!

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Areas of the CAPENERGY® tecartherapy

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Treatment of musculoskeletal complaints

One of the main applications of bowling therapy is the alleviation of musculoskeletal complaints, the healing of injuries and pain relief.

Élsportoló kerékpáros
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Improved sports performance, more efficient muscle development

Bowling therapy is used by many elite athletes and its effects can be seen in numbers and higher rankings.

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Aesthetic, cosmetic treatments

The benefits of Capenergy® are also used in aesthetic treatments. The results can be seen even after the first treatment: firmer, smoother skin, slimmer waistlines…


Anti-aging threatments

Oxidation is one of the main causes of ageing in the human body. By slowing down oxidation and promoting proper cell metabolism, the unpleasant symptoms of ageing can be reduced.

Skin care

CIM 3.0 promotes the proper functioning of lymphatic drainage and connects the epithelium to the muscles without surgical intervention. The results can be seen in a short time. Give it a try!

Medical aesthetics

Effective delivery of hyaluronic acid, facial contouring and sculpting are also among the strengths of Capenergy hyperthermia bowling therapy.

Pain relief

The use of electricity as an analgesic in medical science and medicine is not a new technology. The advanced therapies of Capenergy devices are effective in relieving pain.

Sports medicine

Bowling therapy with Capenergy® devices is an essential tool in sports medicine. Many top sports clubs and athletes use it to rehabilitate from injuries.

Post-operative treatments, rehabilitation

All surgical procedures have two basic consequences in common: pain and inflammation. This innovative technology helps make recovery easier, faster and more bearable.


In our society, where one in three people suffer from back pain, having an effective therapeutic tool is almost a basic and necessary thing. Our bowling therapy treatments have proven effective in physiotherapy use.

Urological and gynaecological physiotherapy

The Capenergy C500 allows both internal and external treatment. It is easy and uncomfortable to use thanks to its special anatomically shaped design. 

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