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About the MORA®-method

The MORA® method is an assessment and therapeutic method based on electromagnetic resonance, electroacupuncture, electrohomeopathy and biophysical research. The aim of the therapy is to strengthen/restore the energetic balance of structures (organs, tissues, organs) based on different electromagnetic vibrations.

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How can the MORA® method help?

  • Acute and chronic allergies: allergen eradication, symptomatic remedies and homeopathic remedies in acute and chronic cases.
  • heavy metal exposure: elimination of environmental pollutants (lead, cadmium, amalgam, aluminium, etc.)
  • various dental applications: tolerance testing of materials to be incorporated, measurement of amalgam leaching, gum research
  • multiple chemical hypersensitivity: a combination of allergy-like symptoms, main features: skin symptoms, headache, sleep disturbance, rheumatic pains, sexual/menstrual disturbances, psychological symptoms
  • acute and chronic inflammation
  • acute and chronic infections
  • acute and chronic pain
  • reduction of side effects of medication
  • addictions (smoking, alcohol)
  • biorhythm therapies in times of increased psychological/physical stress
  • mood enhancement
  • headaches, migraines
  • illnesses of unknown origin (nodal, immune, metabolic, etc.).
  • autoimmune diseases: e.g. Chron’s disease, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • acid-base balance restoration
  • hormone imbalances
  • complementary therapy of tumours (pain relief, medication, vitamin intake)
  • skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, etc.
  • gynaecological problems: menstrual problems, cysts, menopause, „infertility”
  • treatment of fungal diseases (e.g. candida): test, eradication.
  • post-operative rehabilitation.
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • scars, release of energy blockages
  • treatment of electrostress and geopathic stress.
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The MORA® principle

The processes in our bodies are controlled by electromagnetic vibrations, so if we correct the electromagnetic vibrations, the processes can change for the better.

The electromagnetic vibrations of the patient’s body are transmitted to the MORA® through hand and foot electrodes. The vibrations corresponding to the balanced body’s electromagnetic oscillations are amplified, thus supporting the body’s self-healing mechanisms. At the same time, electromagnetic vibrations that do not match the electromagnetic vibrations of a healthy body are reversed and returned from the MORA® device to the body, where the original electromagnetic vibrations in the body and the mirror image electromagnetic vibrations returned by the device cancel each other out.

As a result, the non-harmonious electromagnetic vibrations are neutralised, thus shifting the body towards harmony.

Research and development

The MORA® method has been developed in Germany for more than 40 decades. Combining thousands of years of research, traditional methods, proprietary findings and studies, and modern technology, the MORA® Method has created today’s innovative medical devices, setting a new standard in alternative medicine.

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MORA®-assestments and threatments

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What to know before the treatments

The health assessment and treatment is sensitive to the subtle vibrations of the human body, so, like other diagnostic or assessment methods, the following few aspects are essential for a successful operation:


Adequate hydration

Daily consumption of 40ml of water per kilogram of body weight (a total of at least 2 litres) is the minimum recommended daily intake for proper body functioning. Read more HERE…


Information about other threatments or therapies

Any other concurrent treatments or therapies may affect the results of the assessment and the outcome of the treatment, so please inform your therapist.


Exclusionary causes, factors

In the case of the following problems, neither assessment nor treatment can be carried out with the MORA® method!

  • pregnancy
  • electrical implants
  • epilepsy
  • breastfeeding
  • severe depression
  • psychosis
  • organ transplantation
  • acute life-threatening conditions (such as acute pulmonary embolism, heart attack, stroke, acute poisoning)

A review from a patient

„I was very allergic. When I could no longer see through the tears, a dear friend recommended the MORA® method and the centre. By the end of the treatment I was free to go hiking with my friends again!”

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